Elite Power Washing & Window Cleaning makes your home clean with pressure washing, soft washing and complete exterior home cleaning in Westfield, New Jersey, and the surrounding areas. With 13 years of experience in exterior washing and exterior home cleaning, we provide gentle, yet effective wash services for every surface around your home. We work with siding, windows, decks, patios, sidewalks and much more.

Dirt, mold, mildew, insect nests and other debris on or around your home detracts from its value and covers up its beauty. Pressure washing uses concentrated water and environmentally safe cleaning solutions to remove dirt and dust from your home. With surfaces clean, the true color of your siding comes out, the polished look of stone and concrete is revealed on your sidewalk, glass is clean and shining, and your deck and patio looks new again. Pressure washing takes years off the look of your home and builds value, whether you are preparing to sell your home, you are just moving in or you want to make your home look new and inviting again.

Schedule pressure washing for your patio, deck, other surfaces or soft washing for vinyl and surfaces that require a gentle touch. Call us at 908-370-3652 to make an appointment for complete home cleaning in Westfield, New Jersey, Watchung, Summit and the surrounding areas.