Power Washing Clark NJ

Elite Power Washing & Window Cleaning offers many services that will keep your home or business looking clean, well-kept and inviting. Serving Clark, New Jersey and the surrounding areas, we specialize in power washing siding, windows, roofs, decks, sidewalks, patios and anything else on your premises that needs to be touched up.

At Elite Power Washing & Window Cleaning, we work with clients within a 22-mile radius of our headquarters in Westfield. We are a local company with a far reach, and methods that get results.

New Jersey faces a lot of extreme weather. It is incredibly hot in the summer, and incredibly cold in the winter. Your home takes a beating from the elements all year long. It is our job to make your home look shiny and brand new, despite everything that Mother Nature can throw at your property.

When we clean your windows, you will have a crystal clear, streak free view of your yard. You will be amazed by the actual color of your house once we power wash the dirt off the siding. You will be proud to have guests over to show off your patio or deck that looks brand new. Our customer satisfaction rates are very high, and we’re sure that you’ll be impressed with the high quality of our work at your Clark property.

In addition to residential services, our business serves commercial clients as well, helping your company look sleek and inviting to prospective clients.

Elite Power Washing & Window Cleaning is a trusted name in Clark, New Jersey and the surrounding areas. Contact us today by calling 908-370-3652 to give your home or business a fresh, clean look.