Power Washing Plainfield NJ

Elite Power Washing & Window Cleaning is the best building and property cleaning company in central New Jersey. If you own a home or business in Plainfield, give us a call and let our fast, efficient and affordable services take care of your cleaning needs.

With our equipment, our team of professionals will blast away the unwanted buildup of moss, dirt and mildew off your building fa├žade; wash your windows until they are clear and shiny; and clean up your property to give it the perfect balance between modern presentation and natural splendor.

It is very easy to let the appearance of your driveway, patio or siding go unmaintained. Think about all of the cracks that provide a perfect home for moss and weeds, or all the salt, dirt and mud that your patio ensures from walking in and out during rainy weather or the snowy months. This can lead to a dirty and dingy look. At Elite Power Washing and Window Cleaning, our power washing for homes and driveways can help make the exterior areas of your Plainfield property look as good as new.

If you live in Plainfield, New Jersey or the surrounding areas, contact Elite Power Washing and Window Cleaning today for all of your power washing and window cleaning needs. Call us today at 908-370-3652 to learn more or to receive a free quote.