Roof Cleaning

Does your roof have algae roof stains and streaks on it? This algae “Gloeocapsa Magma” lands on your property’s surface and begins to grow on the shaded sides of your home from the roof to the driveway and everywhere in between. Airborne Dirt, debris, and various bacteria are able to cling to the moist surface of your home giving it a dingy discoloered look. All the while you are thinking it’s time to replace the roof. ¬†You call a roofer and of course they want to sell you on the idea of replacing your roof. Don’t fall for that one…just call Elite!

Have you received a call or letter in the mail from your insurance agent saying you need your roof cleaned or threaten to cancel your policy. Our “Low Pressure” roof wash is safe for your home and cleans those ugly roof streaks and stains immediately!

Moss and Lichen will die from our roof wash but will take time to come off your roof. This is because they have roots that are anchored into your roof’s shingles. Removing them right away can cause damage to the shingles which could cause leaks. Once we clean the roof you only have to wait for a few good rainy days to wash away the dead moss and lichen from the roof. This is the only safe way to clean your roof.