Window Cleaning Services

Windows are one of the focal points in your home and clean windows make your home look more beautiful both inside and out. When your windows are clean you get brighter sunlight into your home and you have a clear view looking out. Elite Power Washing & Window Cleaning provides residential and commercial window cleaning in and around Westfield, New Jersey, for homes and businesses of all types to make your exterior look beautiful all year round.


While cleaning your windows on the inside is easy, cleaning outside windows is more difficult. Don’t put yourself at risk by cleaning high windows yourself. Trust our experts for complete window cleaning at any level. With specialized equipment and streak-free cleaning solutions, our commercial and residential window cleaning services make your windows look polished and new. Visitors or prospective homebuyers will notice your clean windows right away and customers will be attracted to the clean, professional look of your business. We provide window-cleaning services on a seasonal, regular or on-call basis and we work with windows of all kinds. We clean smudges and fingerprints off business display windows, get rid of spider webs and dirt on residential windows, we clean office and home windows on multiple stories or on basement levels.

Call Elite Power Washing & Window Cleaning at 908-364-7852 today to schedule window cleaning in Westfield, New Jersey, Summit, Watchung and the surrounding areas.